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I turned out in the piercing cold and wet—worthy of August in the other Cambridge—for the April March for Science.  [personal profile] gaudior  brought the little Fox, who wore the very best sign of all:  Test Tube Baby.  Sproglet and sign were universally, intensely admired and adored, which plaudits they wore lightly, until it all became too much and they crumpled.

Earlier, I'd dropped by the Harvard rally, which had some rousing speakers, and an acapella protest choir called Vocal Opposition.  They did a fine old job with "Big Yellow Taxi," and sang the Aristotelian elements ("There's earth and air and fire and water—") before launching on Lehrer.  They ended with "If I had a theory, I'd test it in the morning..." (Followed by "data" and "paper ... publish.")  I didn't follow them to MIT for the gathering of the awesome, as I was meeting folks here.

Cool hats:

Double helices cabling in the knit.  The designer is ChemKnits.

Cool signs:

[The resistance zigzag.]

A lovely earth in the heavens saying "WTF?"

Eppur si muove.

Protest Our Planet, It's the Only One* with Chocolate.  (*we know for sure)

Beautiful chalk portrait of earth with arrow:  I'm With Her

There Is No Planet B.

What do we want?  Science funding and functional pockets in women's clothes!

Half-lives matter!

Alternative facts are [square root of -1].

Got polio/smallpox? Me neither.  Thanks, science.

Revolution! [with old-style graphic of the ascent of man getting to Trump and turning back in disgust]

[Gorgeous bee-patterned design]:  Science gives me quite a buzz!

Less invasions, more equations.

I was told to bring a sine.

[Disapproving white bear]:  Science shouldn't be polarizing.

Saw some awesome mad scientist outfits, and a treeful of people in white labcoats.





Date: 2017-04-23 05:21 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] sovay
What do we want? Science funding and functional pockets in women's clothes!

I didn't see that one, but it's a platform I can get behind.


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